The History of Vs System Part 3: Teen Titans

With Common Enemy Evening out the playing field after a dominant run with Big Brotherhood, the meta was once again wide open. Big Brotherhood decks became scarce  allowing Vs players to “break the format” with cards yet to be tested from the DC Origins set. The meta was missing a good rush deck. One of which would emerged from the testing tables of Tim Willoughby straight to 1st place at the $10K Gen Con Indy.

Teen Titans

4 Pantha, Subject X-24
3 Dawn Granger ◊ Dove
4 Tim Drake ◊ Robin, Young Detective
3 Donna Troy ◊ Wonder Girl
1 Hank Hall ◊ Hawk
4 Roy Harper ◊ Arsenal
2 Beast Boy, Garfield Logan
4 Red Star, Leonid Kovar
3 Bart Allen ◊ Kid Flash
4 Garth ◊ Tempest

Plot Twists
4 Teen Titans Go!
3 Press the Attack
4 Heroic Sacrifice
4 Home Surgery
3 Overload
4 Savage Beatdown
2 Flying Kick

4 Tamaran

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Teen Titans! Before we get started there are some things that need to be explained about this team. There are about four different Teen Titan builds from the DC Origins set alone. This article doesn’t cover the future sets released in the years after nor will it cover the other three builds. A lot of players tend to give up on the deck after hours of getting their shit pushed in during playtesting. Usually the reason players lose so much using Teen Titans is because they are taking the four different Teen Titan builds and unknowingly mixing them. If you are inexperienced with Teen Titans meaning you haven’t competed in a tournament with a record above breaking even, or do not know what the other Teen Titan builds are and how they work, I suggest you stick with the above list and really delve into this article, perhaps do some playtesting until you’re comfortable with the deck enough to take it to a tournament.

With that being said, let’s get started. Notice when you look at the list, there are no characters above the cost of five. The reason being is that this version of the deck is intended to grind your opponent turn after turn while using Red Star, Leonid Kovar’s ability which allows you to pay one resource point to have your opponent lose five endurance. The trick to keeping your characters alive during this grind is found in three cards.

Heroic Sacrifice: As an additional cost to play Heroic Sacrifice, stun a non-defending Teen Titans character you control. Exhaust target Teen Titans defender you control and remove all attackers from this attack.

Home Surgery: To play, exhaust a character you control. Recover target stunned character if its cost is less than or equal to the cost of the character you exhausted.

Garth ◊ Tempest: 9/9, Range Teen Titan, Loyalty. Pay 3 endurance >>> Return target card from your KO’d pile to your hand. Use this power only once per turn.

Heroic Sacrifice in combination with Home Surgery works like this; when a larger character attacks, you can play Heroic Sacrifice and your big guy doesn’t get stunned, while your little guy gets stunned instead. You also take no breakthrough damage. Because exhausting a character is a part of the cost of playing Home Surgery and stunning a non-defending character is a part of the cost of playing Heroic Sacrifice, it won’t matter what order the Plot Twists resolve in. This is an incredible two card combo that allows you to survive much longer leading into late game.

Turn 1: Pantha, Subject X-26 and Dawn Granger ◊ Dove are your 1 drop characters. Pantha will get +2 ATK when she attacks and Dawn Granger will get a stat boost based on whether or not Hank Hall ◊ Hawk is in play. You can also Boost her for an additional two resource points to search for Hank Hall and put him into your front row. There is only one copy of Hank Hall ◊ Hawk so if you have to choose between playing Dawn Granger or Pantha, choose Pantha to get the most value out of what’s in your hand unless you can play your only copy of Hank Hall on turn two.

Turn 2: Tim Drake ◊ Robin, Young Detective is what you will always want to play on turn two. His ability states If a team attacker you control would become stunned, you may stun another team attacker you control instead. you can also Boost for an additional two resource points to have Teen Titans characters you control not be stunned while attacking this turn. Your other options are Hank Hall ◊ Hawk who should only be played from your hand if Dawn Granger is in play, and Donna Troy ◊ Wonder Girl, a character you should avoid playing alone.

Turn 3: You have three options on this turn. Your first option and most is to play Roy Harper ◊ Arsenal. His ability is very important later in the game. You can Exhaust a Teen Titans character you control >>> Roy Harper gets +2 ATK this turn. or you can Activate, KO a resource you control >>> Stun target character with ATK less than Roy Harper’s ATK. If you don’t have him you will have other opportunities later in the game to do so. Option two is to play Beast Boy, Garfield Logan. He gets a +1+1 counter every time he attacks or is attacked so you will want to use him in combat as much as possible. If Beast Boy end up being the character you have to play then this is the turn where you need to start using Home Surgery and Heroic Sacrifice. Under no circumstances should you let Beast Boy become KO’ed. Option three is to play Dawn Granger or Hank Hall with Boost.

Turn 4: If you have the initiative this turn, Red Star, Leonid Kovar is an absolute must. His ability is as follows: Whenever Red Star becomes powered-up, he cannot be stunned while attacking this turn. Pay 1 resource point >>> Target player loses 5 endurance. Use this power only once per turn and only if you control another Teen Titans character. From this point forward in the game you need to always try and manipulate your resources to use Red Star’s Burn ability. This is also the turn when you will be grinding out your opponent using Home Surgery and Heroic Sacrifice. Also Power-up Red Star during this turn and every other turn using the Location Tamaran. If you do not have the initiative this turn then play Bart Allen ◊ Kid Flash. He lets you Exhaust a Teen Titans character you control >>> Ready Bart Allen. Use this power only once per turn. Activate >>> Target Teen Titans character has reinforcement this turn. Use him to give your characters reinforcement and take minimal damage. If you can, using Home Surgery with Bart Allen, sometimes allows you to recover him after he’s been stunned in a turn and counterattack back by exhausting another Teen Titan Character to ready him.

Turn 5: The majority of the time you will want your initiative on evens. This means you will be playing defensively on odd turns. Assuming you are on the defensive this turn, you have two plays to make. If you have a copy of Heroic Sacrifice and Home Surgery there is no need to play Garth ◊ Tempest. (Your only five cost Character) Instead you need to play Bart Allen and activate Red Star’s ability to burn your opponent for five. Remember, burning your opponent out with Red Star’s ability is your main objective. If you have the initiative this turn and/or played Bart Allen last turn, play Red Star and subsequently use his ability to burn your opponent with the remaining resource point. Something else to consider when you’re on the play and only when your side of the field have not lost any characters since turn one is to use Red Star’s ability and spent the remaining four resource points to play and Boost Tim Drake ◊ Robin, Young Detective. He will allow you to team attack without your guys being stunned. Follow this up with the Teen Titans Go! Plot twist to ready your team attackers and attack again, minimizing your opponents character count down to one at the start of the recovery phase.

Turn 6: If you notice, there are no characters in this deck with a cost of six or more. However, there are plenty of tricks you can do. if you still have a copy of Home Surgery and Heroic Sacrifice then Use Red Star’s ability to burn for five, recruit another copy of Red Star killing the first and use the newly recruited Red Star’s ability to burn for another five. Another option is to Burn your opponent for five and play Garth ◊ Tempest. His ability will let you pay 3 endurance to return any card from your KO’ed pile to your hand. You will generally use him to return Heroic Sacrifice or Home Surgery to your hand in order to continue grinding your opponent out of the game. Regardless of what you do, you will need to abuse Roy Harper’s ability and stun your opponent’s character.

Turn 7: You should have already won the game by this point. If you haven’t, use any combination of characters needed to win you the game. If you’re on the defensive you can use Garth’s ability to return Home Surgery from the graveyard to your hand, recruit another copy of Garth and return Heroic Sacrifice to your hand with his ability. Use Red Star’s ability next and that should win you then game. If you’re on the offensive this turn then use whatever means necessary to deal as much damage as possible. Just don’t forget to use Red Star’s Ability.

Plot Twists that ready your characters giving them the ability to attack again:
Teen%20Titans%20Go!Press the Attack
Plot Twists that assist in delaying the game:
Plot Twists used to increase damage:
Savage BeatdownFlying Kick
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