The History of Vs System Part 6: League of Brotherhood

Superman, Man of Steel was released in November 2004. Like Web of Spiderman, the set was underpowered compared to the Marvel and DC Origins sets and just like Web of Spiderman; Superman, Man of Steel released supporting cards to increase the effectiveness of decks already in the Meta such as Teen Titans and B&B. The majority of the support seemed to lean toward the League of Assassins team affiliation. Among many cards release for the team, one card in particular stood out.
Merlyn, Deadly Archer’s Ability Allows you to KO a character with a cost less than the number of locations you control on your attack step. Players that saw the potential in this card asked themselves two questions.

1. What team affiliation has the most support for Locations besides League of Assassins?
2. Is there a Location to team them up so as to not lose the effectiveness of Merlyn’s ability?

The first answer is obvious. Big Brotherhood was a deck with very strong Location support. Adding Merlyn and the League of Assassins Location package to the mix would prove to be devastating. The answer to the second question would seal the deal in the player’s deck choice to once again break the format.

Metropolis was the first Location of its kind to provide a generic team up. The League of Assassins as a whole was too weak to support any type of abuse for Merlyn. Metropolis not only allows for multiple copies of it face up at one time but it lets you team up with another team affiliation for added location support such as Brotherhood.

League of Brotherhood


4 Talia, Daughter of the Demon’s Head
4 Quicksilver, Pietro Maximoff
4 Quicksilver, Speed Demon
4 Mystique, Raven Darkholme
3 Mystique, Shape-Changing Assassin
4 Magneto, Eric Lehnsherr
3 Magneto, Master of Magnetism
1 Ra’s Al Ghul, Master Swordsman
1 Ra’s Al Ghul, The Demon’s Head
4 Merlyn, Deadly Archer

Plot Twists
3 Have a Blast!
4 The Demon’s Head
4 Tower of Babel

4 Lost City
4 Avalon Space Station
4 Metropolis
4 Mountain Stronghold
1 Lazarus Pit
1 Flying Fortress

If you haven’t read The History of Vs System Part 1: Big Brotherhood please read the article before reading further. The article contains tips and tricks to using “The Brotherhood” portion of this deck. if you don’t know the full aspect of how to effectively run that deck, adding the League of Assassins package isn’t going to help and possibly make your game play worse.

The Location Package:
Lost City Avalon%20Space%20StationMountain%20StrongholdDMS-156
Lazarus Pit Flying FortressDMS-146

For the more knowledgeable Vs player, the deck is the earliest recorded stages of Deep Green, a location heavy deck that revolves entirely around abusing Merlyn and other characters like him. The purpose of this deck is to utilize the League of Assassins support that was added to the Big Brotherhood deck such as Mountain Stronghold’s Tutor ability, Flying Fortress to give your attacking character flight, Lazarus Pit to keep your characters from getting KO’ed and Tower of Babel to stop team attack options or prevent team specific character pumps and abilities while simultaneously utilizing Merlyn’s ability to the fullest extent.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to play Merlyn on turn four. Merlyn’s ability only works during your attack and only if he has a cosmic counter so keeping him from becoming stunned is key. Using Lost City and Avalon Space Station will easily prevent him from becoming stunned so if they are not online, The Demon’s Head should be used to retrieve them.

Ensure that every resource in your resource row is either a Location or The Demon’s Head. The Demon’s Head should be played only when one of your characters would become a defender. You must exhaust a character upon playing The Demon’s Head. With that in mind, you should only activate it if you know that character will become stunned.

The Deck runs exactly like Big Brotherhood so again, if you haven’t read The History of Vs System Part 1: Big Brotherhood, you need to read it. The League of Assassins support is the only changes made to the original list with the exception of Relocation being taken out for Have A Blast!

Final Turns:
Magneto, Master of MagnetismRas al Ghul, The Demons Head
Big Brotherhood had little to no support for an eight cost character, much less a character that you could power up with Lost City and use for food when activating Avalon Space Station early in the game. Should the game drag into turn eight, Ra’s Al Ghul, The Demon’s Head will allow you to flip multiple copies of lost city and Avalon Space Station.

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