The Think Tank: Concepts Yet to be Abused in Vs System

Delving into other competitive TCG’s is a good way to sharpen your skills at both creative deckbuilding and problem solving. There are many concepts that exist in one game but have yet to be discovered in another. For example; one TCG may have a “Burn” concept such as Magic the Gathering while another may still need to be broken-in. Much like Yu-Gi-Oh was in the game’s early form of tournament development. Today on the Think Tank we will be discussing those concepts and cards associated with them to possibly form decks that have yet to be discovered.

Infinite Recursion
Like many winning combos in TCG’s, this one involves graveyard recursion, a sacrificial outlet, and a character that returns the graveyard recursion back to the owner’s hand. This strategy requires the Doom and Masters of Evil Team Affiliations and the ability to cross them over. Sacrifice Rama-Tut to Devil’s Due putting a +1+1 counter on a character you control an infinite number of times. Having more than one character with infinite +1+1 counters will ensure breakthrough damage, winning the game. There are several cards in both affiliation categories that give aid to the concept but remember, Hard Sound Construct puts the character in to play, it does not recruit it.

Pass the Rock
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The idea of pass the rock is to use Darkseid, Omega’s ability to swap The Rock of Eternity and a resource your opponent controls in order to lock your opponent out of combat for the rest of the game. This card combination has been the talk of an alternate win condition in decks like Deep Green but there has been no real follow through as far as sound competitive decks.

Hand Lock
DJL090 untitled DJL089 DJL097
Although the idea of Hand Lock has been around since DC’s Justice League of America set came out in November of 2005, Vs players have yet to bring the deck to the competitive scene. The plan is to give your opponent an overabundance of card advantage that he can’t really use. The Joker, Headline Stealer locks your opponent out of any additional Plot Twists and since you cannot play Locations from your hand and are limited in recruiting your Characters based on the amount of resource points you have, making your opponent draw over six cards a turn really isn’t an issue. The deck wins by using Scarecrow, Phycho Psychologist’s ability to burn your opponent for each card in his/her hand.
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