The History of Vs System Part 4: The Brave and the Bold


If you haven’t read The History of Vs System Part 3: Teen Titans then I suggest you go and read that article before reading further. This article will make much more sense. Shortly after Teen Titans became a part of the meta, people began experimenting with the Gotham Knights, Teen Titans variants of the deck. What did Gotham Knights do to the
deck that set it apart from the traditional Teen Titan builds you ask? The answer is found in this two card combo.
. Dynamic DuoGCPD%20Headquarters
Dynamic Duo: Gotham Knights characters cannot be stunned while team attacking this turn.
Ongoing: Exhaust two Gotham Knights characters you control >>> Turn Dynamic Duo face down.

GCPD Headquarters: Whenever three or more Gotham Knights team attackers you control stun a defender, KO that defender. Activate >>> Target Gotham Knights defender with a cost of 3 or less has reinforcement this attack.

Teen Titans are more commonly known for their uncanny ability to team attack and ready those same characters several times in one turn. The weakness behind this strategy is that those team attackers have no real way of ensuring those Characters stay alive. With Dynamic Duo that problem becomes solved and with GCPD Headquarters the Characters you stun while team attacking with three or more characters become KO’ed. If you are able to ready your Characters twice in one turn using Teen Titans Go! after flipping Dynamic Duo and having GCPD Headquarters online, you can KO three characters in one turn. Lets take a look at a basic B&B list and how it works.

4 Alfred Pennyworth, Faithfull Friend
4 Mirage, Miriam Delgado
2 Dawn Granger ◊ Dove
2 Hank Hall ◊ Hawk
3 Beast Boy, Garfield Logan
2 Roy Harper ◊ Arsenal, Sharpshooter
4 Terra, Tara Markov
4 Garth ◊ Tempest
1 Batman, Caped Crusader
1 Connor Kent ◊ Superboy, Tactile Telekinetic
1 Raven, Daughter of Trigon

Plot Twists:
4 The Brave And The Bold
1 Worlds Finest
3 Bat Signal
3 Fizzle
2 Dynamic Duo
4 Teen Titans Go!
2 Heroic Sacrifice
2 Home Surgery

4 Optitron
4 USS Argus
3 GCPD Headquarters

The easiest way to explain the way this decks works is through phases.

Phase 1: The Set-Up

Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend Mirage, Miriam Delgado OptitronThe%20Brave%20and%20the%20BoldBat-Signal
Your first phase is the most important. Alfred Pennyworth’s ability will only activate if you control another Gotham Knights character so your first few turns are going to be dedicated solely to getting Alfred Pennyworth on the board and The Brave And The Bold online. It’s crucial that the two teams are crossed over because a lot of your cards affect only Gotham Knights characters while your main Character curve is mostly Teen Titans. The set-up phase generally lasts two turns. During those turns you will only be playing combinations of the cards you see above. Your main priority is to team up Teen Titans and Gotham Knights together and to have Alfred Pennyworth and Mirage on the board. Mirage is important because when you play her you can reveal a Teen Titans Character from your hand and give her an additional team affiliation (Gotham Knights). This will allow Alfred Pennyworth to activate and Bat Signal to be used without having The Brave And The Bold online yet (if needed). A really good trick to use is to play Alfred Pennyworth on turn one and on turn two when Alfred Pennyworth becomes ready, activate Optitron and use one resource point to search your deck for Mirage and put her into your hand and play her using your remaining resource point. We call this technique under dropping. By turn two you should have both characters on the board. Mirage should be in the front row and Alfred Pennyworth should be in the support row directly behind her, forcing your opponent’s non-flight character to attack Mirage instead of Alfred Pennyworth. There is a risk of both characters being stunned in combat depending on how many characters your opponent has recruited, forcing you to choose between the two. If this happens, use a Bat Signal on Mirage to search for a character needed for the future turns and use Alfred Pennyworth to search out an important Plot Twist. You will need him as a discard outlet later in the game.

Phase Two: The Defense Grid

Beast Boy, Garfield LoganGCPD%20HeadquartersIMG_0743IMG_0742

The goal during this phase is to survive with the maximum amount of characters on the board as possible while taking as little damage as possible. Beast Boy is your primary character of choice and should have either been drawn or fetched using Bat Signal and GCPD Headquarters gives your characters played so far reinforcement. If your read my article of Teen Titans than you would know how amazing Heroic Sacrifice and Home Surgery work together. Just remember that if you can save this two card combo for turns four and five then do it. From this point forward Beast Boy needs to be getting at least one +1+1 counter on him every turn.

Phase Three: Terra
Terra,%20Tara%20MarkovUSS ArgusOptitronGCPD%20Headquarters
Terra, Terra Markov gives us the ability to stun a character with a cost of three or less by replacing a location you control. This is not only good, but combine it with USS Argus and its pure advantage. USS Argus says If you would draw a card during the draw phase, skip that draw instead.  Activate >>> Look at the top four cards of your deck. Put one of them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order. Use this power only during the build phase and only if you control a Teen Titans character. you shouldent flip USS Argus unless you are planning to have Terra online that turn. If you choose not to follow this advise, you will technically be drawing one less card a turn and will more than likely lose because of it. If you choose to follow my advise however, you can flip and activate USS Argus during the build phase (resulting in drawing a total of three cards that turn) play Terra and activate her before the end of the tun destroying USS Argus and stunning a character with a cost of three or less. Remeber, the purpose of these set-ups are to ultimately prepare your board for phase four. If you dont have USS Argus, use Optitron for Terra’s ability. GCPD Headquarters should be the last Location you replace when using Terra’s ability and only if you have another copy of it.

Phase Four: The Board Whipe
IMG_0744GCPD%20HeadquartersDynamic DuoTeen%20Titans%20Go!
Everything you have done so far has led up to this moment. On this turn you will be Team attacking using the previous characters you played and the cards you see above. You goal is to KO every character your opponent has played so far. The majority of the time that will only happen if you have two copies of Teen Titans Go! and Garth ◊ Tempest. His ability lets you pay three endurance to return any card from your graveyard to your hand. This will give your three activations of Teen Titans Go! for a total of four attacks. That will KO your opponents characters turns two through five. Make sure Dynamic Duo is face up, otherwise Teen Titans Go! won’t be of much use.

Quick Note:
Connor%20Kent%20-%20Superboy,%20Tactile%20TelekineticRaven, Daughter of Trigon
If you notice in the decklist there is one turn six character and one turn seven character. These characters are only to be played under two circumstances. If your facing a deck that focuses heavily on equipments such as Good Guys or any deck involving Fate Artifacts then Phase six should be replaced by playing Connor Kent ◊ Superboy, Tactile Telekinetic or if you’re in a situation where you were unable to complete phase four, skip phase six and just go with the deck’s natural curve by playing Connor Kent ◊ Superboy, Tactile Telekinetic on turn six and Raven, Daughter of Trigon on turn seven.

Phase 6: Roy Harper Abuse
Roy Harper - Arsenal, Sharpshooter  Hank%20Hall%20-%20Hawk,%20Agent%20of%20Chaos Dawn Granger, Agent of Order
In order for this deck to be as effective as possible you need to have the “odd” numbered initiative. The reason for this is the most important phase (phase four) occurs on turn five. That is the turn that you will be wiping your opponents board of their Characters completely. If all went according to plan, the only character on your opponent’s side of the board should be their turn six Character. The average turn six character is a 12/12. On this turn you will be playing Roy Harper ◊ Arsenal, Sharpshooter and Boosting Dawn Granger or Hank Hall. Roy Harper’s ability says you can Exhaust a Teen Titans character you control >>> Roy Harper gets +2 ATK this turn. You can also Activate, KO a resource you control >>> Stun target character with ATK less than Roy Harper’s ATK. We can safely assume the only characters on the board are Beast Boy, Terra, Garth and the three you just played exhausting them all is a total of 14 ATK for Roy Harper. KO a resource you control and stun your opponent’s only character. This technique is known as the “Roy Harper Abuse”.

Three Things should happen by this point in the game:

1. You win this turn
2. Your opponent has given up knowning that Roy Harper’s ability on his initiative combined with the ability to KO his character on your initiative is too much to deal with.
3. Your just a few endurance away from winning. If thats the case, just stick it out and use Home Surgery and Heroic Sacrifice to protect your life from going below zero.

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